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Zero Nut

The return-to-zero nut is the secret weapon of ultra-precision machining

In addition to the locking collet itself

Adjust the deflection accuracy of the tool through the "six" screws on the nut 

Keep your reamers, drills, and milling cutters free from deflection after tool elongation


With AA grade collet

A total of 6 oil circuit screw holes

​Specification Sheet

Collet Max



Hex Key

Part Number

10 mm


20 mm


ER 16

13 mm

42 mm

20 mm

2.0 mm


16 mm

50 mm

22 mm

ER 25

2.5 mm

20 mm

63 mm

23 mm

ER 32

2.5 mm

30 mm

79 mm

28 mm


3.0 mm

How to use


1. Loosen the screw first


2. After locking the tool, lock the adjusting screw on the side


3. Measure the current deflection accuracy of the tool to be zeroed


4. Adjust the deflection accuracy of the side screw to correct to the required accuracy


5. finish

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